Templator v1.0

A common task when implementing a data warehouse is to build the same sort of table over and over again. When using the Data Vault method to build the storage data model this occurs when building Hubs, Links and Satellites. These often have the same implementation, with only minor differences. The ETL-workflows to load these tables are quite similar as well.

In virtually every ETL-tool it is possible to export workflows to text, for instance XML files. These flows can then serve as template for other flows of the same type. Of course, this also works with SQL tables, view definitions, etc.

The Templator provides a quick and easy way to generate similar texts by using a global search-and-replace over a template, for many different variables at the same time.

It works like this: first, fill out all the fields below. Then press the button and a download will start. In the download you will see the template you entered repeated for each line of replacements, but with all variables (for instance P_TABLENAME) replaced by the values in the data lines.

The download contains all the templates with their replacements in one file. You may need to edit the file before using

Version notes and an example can be found at the bottom of the page.

  The parameters contain the names of the parameters in the template, separated from each other by “;”. Make sure that variable names only use a-z, A-Z and numbers (for example PARAMETER1 is okay but PARAMETER_1 is not).
  The template contains the text with variables to be replaced (for instance PARAMETER1)
Parameter values:
  Each line contains all the values for the template parameters, separated from each other by “;”-signs. Each line results in one complete template-replacement, so the outputfile will contain as many templates as there are lines in this field.
  After each template-replacement this line will be written to the outputfile, to enable easy editing of the file later.
  The filename for the resulting download. Max. 30 characters.
Uitvoerformaat: TXT

The following settings provide an example of how this tool works:

  • Parameters:
  • Template:
  • Parameter values:

Remarks for version 1.0:

  • Too many templates and parametervalues might cause the server to cut off the processing and results in an empty download.
  • A space at the end of the parameters will result in a file where all spaces have been removed (replaced by (empty)).