Time Dimension Generator v1.41

In a data warehouse we often use a table containing information about dates. This is called a Time dimension (it should rather be called a Date Dimension, but let’s not quibble). This table is used to deal with calculations regarding time in SQL queries a bit easier. It enables us to attach meaning to dates as well, by letting us add attributes to them. Using time-shifted columns in the table we can then say things like “give me all the sales of the same period last year, for period X to Z”. Given the right query, of course.

This tool generates a table you can load into a data warehouse. For more information, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimension_(data_warehouse) (it needs improvement but it’s a start). Note that it is available in the Dutch language only, due to specific features that depend on the Dutch local calendar (like working days). I may (on request) rebuild it for international use, but please check the following alternatives first: http://it.toolbox.com/wiki/index.php/Create_a_Time_Dimension_/_Date_Table or http://www.ipcdesigns.com/dim_date/.

Start the Time Dimension Generator (Dutch language version only).

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