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Presentation: history of DWH modeling

Dear readers, on june 6th I held a keynote presentation in front of 300 people, summarizing the state of DWH modeling. The conference proceedings of the day are available at BI-Podium .

My own presentation is available here as well: Next Generation DWH Modeling 2013 conference keynote speech

The Anchor Modeling folks also wrote a summary: Next Generation DWH Modeling

Data Vault Cheat Sheet Poster v1.0.8

This is the poster from 2010 that displays on one A3-size cheat sheet the most important rules of the Data Vault modelling method version 1.0.8.

You can find the rules that were used for this poster on the website of Dan Linstedt.

Download the PDF

**Update**: Please note that the current version is version 1.0.9. This version is kept for archival and to amuse data archaeologists 🙂

Anchor Modeling

Anchor Modeling is a new method of modeling a domain in a database. The method splits up all the attributes in their own table. This seems complex, but this actually simplifies maintenance. Furthermore, the method is flexible, quite resilient to change over time, does not need updates and is highly scalable.

These are good properties for a data warehouse model. In the article I explain how Anchor Modeling works and why you should at least take a look at it.
The article appeared in november 2009 in Database Magazine, Dutch magazine for database professionals. However, the magazine is now defunct and superseded by Business Information Magazine.

Download the PDF

Reasons for failure in data warehouses

This article discusses the reasons why some data warehouse projects fail. The focus is on the question whether the resemblances to standard IT projects may be greater than the differences, and where the differences could be found. A number of guidelines are given that help to recognize and prevent project failures.

Original publication in Juli 2009, reworked in September 2009. Please note that the article is in Dutch.

Faalfactoren bij Data Warehouses

Dit artikel gaat over waarom data warehouse projecten falen. Het focus ligt op de vraag of de overeenkomsten met gewone projecten misschien groter zijn dan de verschillen, en waar eventuele verschillen in zitten. Er worden ook richtlijnen gegeven om die extra faalfactoren te herkennen en te voorkomen.

Oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd in Juli 2009, tekst licht bijgewerkt in September 2009.

Download the PDF