Welkom bij Grundsätzlich IT / Welcome to Grundsätzlich IT

Grundsätzlich IT is a Data Warehouse company with extensive experience in Banking, Payment Processing, Automotive, Logistics, Pharma and Local government (city).

The company name originates from the German word “Grundsätzlich” which means something like “in the core” or “in principle”. The principles of Grundsätzlich IT as a company are: to act with integrity, to provide the best value for the customer and to create solutions founded in mathematics and computer science.

Grundsätzlich IT specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and has more than fifteen years of knowledge and experience in that area, as well as more than twenty years of experience in general IT. Please see the publications and presentations on this website for more information about my views on (aspects of) IT.

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