A jQuery cheat sheet

jQuery cheat sheet

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Robert Mening at WebsiteSetup.org, who kindly pointed me to his jQuery cheat sheet. There are of course more than a few cheatsheets for jQuery out there (and I will link a few more here), but this one at least has the advantage that it all fits on one page. It is at the bottom of this page. Note that clicking on the image will take you to a webpage where you can also find a PDF-version of the cheat sheet.

Alternative cheat sheets can be found with a quick search on Google, and from various sources that integrate others (for instance at https://www.sitepoint.com/10-jquery-cheat-sheets/ ). The ones I found most useful though, are the following:

I do have some issues with the cheat sheets in question: there is usually no license on the sheet itself, and the version of jQuery for which it is relevant isn’t always mentioned. These small failings also apply to the cheat sheet shown below. However, if you’re doing some jQuery work now and then, you could do worse than just putting up a copy of the cheat sheet displayed here.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

Image source: websitesetup.org – free to link with attribution

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